Complaints Channel

Transparency, ethics and good governance

An externally managed Complaints Channel contributes to a good working environment by fostering the confidence of employees in the mechanisms that a company has to guarantee good practices and good governance.

Undoubtedly, within the framework of a society that is increasingly demanding in terms of transparency and ethics, the complaints channel is a means that must offer employees anonymity, professionalism and impartiality strong> when managing complaints about situations that go against the values and ethics of a company.

Complaints channel, we help you find an optimal solution

At Legal Compliance we offer you the possibility of creating a bond of trust with your employees by providing them with a mechanism that will guarantee them, as it is managed externally by our partner i2Ethics, which designed and developed In 2011, the first external management service for Complaint Channels in Spain, the optimal resolution of these situations that complainants live with tension, after thinking about it a lot, and assuming personal responsibility for believing that they are doing the right thing when reporting.

Legal Compliance and i2Ethic offer whistleblowers support and protection, and help companies to achieve business excellence by strengthening their reputation and credibility, as well as its compliance program and its code of ethics.

If your company has a zero-tolerance policy for situations that damage its image and you want your employees to know that they have a reporting channel that works, offering them fair and proportionate solutions, trust us.

Of course, you will be in the best hands if you decide that we are the ones to set up your Complaints Channel. We are endorsed by our clients, multinationals and SMEs, who trust our experience and good daily work.

All are advantages in the management of complaints

• We provide your employees with a totally confidential communication channel.
• We offer security and protection of information, both technical and organizational.
• We have the necessary internal processes so that your stakeholders can report bad practices.
• We manage the complaints received, under strict privacy and compliance criteria of the GDPR.
• We maintain communication with the complainant and with the person in charge designated by your company.
• We periodically send you information regarding the complaints received and their treatment status.

Consult our different plans, their particular advantages and characteristics, and our optional services at i2Ethics.

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