Customer Area

All the documentation of your company, always available online safely in our Client Area.

Customer area. Frequent questions.

1. How can I get my username and password to access the Client Extranet?

Contact us using the contact form of this website, telephone or usual procedure to contact us. Once we verify that you can access this service, we will send you an email with your login details:

  • User:
  • Password: unacontraseñasegura

The password can be changed later at any time.

2. Is access secure? Is my data safe?

Yes absolutely. All communications with our Document Management system are carried out in a secure manner. Documents are secured through Google Data Centers that are available 24 hours a day.

Google frequently handles security audits of its facilities and has security certifications that not all service providers can match.

If a security breach is found, Google immediately informs us to take appropriate action. If you are interested in a more in-depth understanding of Google's security policies and philisophy, you can read this detailed report or check out this Google Q&A page.

3. I already have a Google account or Why do you ask me to use a new address?

Because through our Google Apps business account we can guarantee you a level of professional service when you access your professional documentation, service, that you would not have with a free account.

4. How can I download a document? And a folder?

When previewing a document, above, above the document, the icon of an arrow will appear to be able to download the file. Or, in the list of files, you can right-click, and choose the "Download" option.