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Consult the Legal Compliance team on professional issues in Regulatory Compliance, Good Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility.

With extensive experience in companies from different sectors, it allows our staff to have a strategic vision to connect the operational risks (specific to the sector), the reputational risks (of the brand) and the legal risks (compliance) of the entire organization. .

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Luis Ávila

Executive Director CCEP-I

Competition Law
Security of the information
Expertise and Compliance Audits

Andrés Molina, Senior Consultant Legal Compliance

Andrés Molina

Managing Partner

ISO systems
Corruption Prevention
Risk analysis


Ana Valbuena

Senior Consultant

Practice Area: Compliance.

Olga Guidotti Senior Consultant, Legal Compliance

Olga Guidotti

Senior Consultant

Practice Area: Compliance.

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Legal Compliance, SL
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28221 Majadahonda - Madrid


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