Corporate Social Responsibility

Reputation and trust, good governance and transparency

The corporate social responsibility of a company or organization goes far beyond simple and strict compliance with current regulations and legal obligations. The reputation and the ability to establish lasting relationships based on trust with suppliers, partners, customers, consumers, investors and regulators, undoubtedly constitutes a competitive advantage for an organization or a company.

Reputation and trust, the basis of Corporate Social Responsibility

Improving competitiveness and image external to companies and organizations, is not only linked to social dialogue, the protection of human rights, respect for the environment and non-discrimination, equality and development of employees. It also has a very important link with ethical behavior, integrity, transparency, good corporate governance practices and legal certainty.

That is why, without losing sight of this perspective, at Legal Compliance, we favor and support a sustainability strategy based on the social responsibility of our partners and clients, advocating and promoting best practices, beyond applicable legislation, in terms of good governance , transparency and control systems and management of regulatory risk .

We provide our clients with:

  • Recommendations on best practices in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Preparation of CSR reports and reports on non-financial risks
  • Audits within the framework of ISO 26000