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formado por profesionales especialistas en Cumplimiento Normativo, Buen Gobierno Corporativo y Riesgo Legal

The Legal Compliance team is made up of professionals specialized in Regulatory Compliance, Good Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility. They also have extensive experience in companies from different sectors. All of this allows them to have a strategic vision of connecting operational risks (the sector’s own), reputational (brand) risks and legal risks (compliance) throughout the organization.

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Luis Ávila, Executive Director Legal Compliance

Luis Ávila

Executive Director CCEP-I

“Lack of compliance in organizations occurs below, but it is at the very top where compliance begins. When there is no real leadership in values on the part of the first executives, compliance plans are nothing more than an aesthetic exercise. ” Luis Ávila.

A practicing lawyer for over 25 years, he has held positions of legal direction and institutional relations in multinational companies of various industrial, financial and service sectors.

During the last ten years, he has intervened in the implementation and development of compliance programs in the companies where he has worked. He has also been secretary to various boards of directors, which has provided him with important experience in matters relating to good corporate governance and the rules of transparency in the administrative bodies.

Luis is accredited as a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional International by the Compliance Certification Board (CCB) in the United States and, in addition to being a Master in International Business Law from the University of London, he has an Executive Program in Compliance by Instituto de Empresa, Having participated in several educational programs on Compliance sponsored by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE).

Andrés Molina, Senior Consultant Legal Compliance

Andrés Molina

Managing Partner

“Good governance and compliance plans will preserve us from the dangers of business ventures.” Andrés Molina.

With a strong technical background as a doctor in naval engineering, Andrés has developed most of his professional career as executive director and consultant in different companies and industrial and service sectors, both national and multinational, having a wide experience in implementing plans of Quality, management plans, risk prevention and compliance with sectoral regulations.

Andrés is an active participant in international regulatory committees such as IMO, Lloyd’s Register and Bureau Veritas, which gives him an acute vision when analyzing sectoral problems and developing practical and efficient solutions.

Yolanda del Valle, Legal Compliance

Yolanda del Valle

Communications & Marketing Manager

Journalist with long experience in the media, began working for Antena 3 Radio in the program El Primero de la Mañana conducted by Antonio Herrero and took her first steps in the world of the paper press with Manuel Marlasca in the newspaper Ya. She has worked for the S.O.S Children’s Villages of Spain, taking over the Communication Director position, and collaborating in well-known media such as El País newspaper.

She moved later to the business world as Communications Manager at Nortel Networks where she was Editorial Director of the internal European newsletter. As result of her originality and innovation in the treatment of contents, she was granted with the Corporate Communication Department Award.

More recently, she took the position of the Editorial Director of the magazine Selecciones Reader’s Digest in Spain and, currently, she collaborates with the international edition of this magazine that is published in 27 countries and 11 languages.

Yolanda also brings experience to the audit of quality systems and to the monitoring of working processes aimed to the improvement of customer’s experience from her job in Telefónica Móviles.

Ana Valbuena, Senior Consultant Legal Compliance

Ana Valbuena

Senior Consultant

“Implementing an adequate regulatory compliance program and adopting follow-up and control measures is not an option but a necessity.” Ana Valbuena.

Lawyer in exercise, with a wide experience acquired in multidisciplinary offices, Ana is an expert in multidisciplinary offices and companies.

The work developed for both individuals and companies, coupled with their experience in courts and their negotiating and empathetic capacity, enable them to provide professional services in an efficient and rigorous manner in any field.

Senior lawyer and head of the Procedural Office for the Santander Group for the last six years, he has expanded his academic training at Instituto de Empresa in Compliance, contributing to complete his versatile profile in the business field.

Olga Guidotti, Legal Compliance

Olga Guidotti

Senior Consultant

“I believe that precisely in the” medium company “is where the Compliance function is truly a competitive advantage and an essential element to grow with firm foundations. In addition, large companies increasingly demand Compliance programs for companies with which they maintain relationships, have the size they have, so in the long run if a Compliance Program has not been implemented, it will not be possible to contract With them. “Olga Guidotti.

Lawyer in practice since 1986, and Master in Legal Counseling of Companies by the Instituto de Empresa. His training has been continuous since then and in March 2017 he has obtained the Certification of Compliance CESCOM and the accreditation of Internationally Certified Compliance Professional.

She has always been linked to the world of the company as an internal lawyer and as Secretary on the Boards of Directors in companies in the Construction Materials Trade sector.

He knows in depth the problems of “medium-sized enterprises”, those that have ceased to be SMEs but have not yet come to have the character of “Great Company” and are really the ones that form the majority of our business fabric in Spain.

Jorge Domínguez, Senior Consultant Legal Compliance

Jorge Domínguez

Senior Consultant

Lawyer in practice since 1983. Extensive professional experience in all areas of labor law and in relations with Legal Representatives of workers and unions in the negotiation of collective agreements. Specialist in identifying occupational risks within organizations with a totally practical vision.

He has actively collaborated as a teacher in the training courses for professionals and Master for the practice of law, organized by the Carlos III University, and by the Madrid Bar Association. In March of 2005, and in representation of the office, he was distinguished like member of the Order of the British Empire, in recognition of the collaboration.

Arturo Ventura, Senior Consultant Legal Compliance

Arturo Ventura

Senior Consultant

“To be recommended with guarantees of efficacy and safety, a preventive activity in terms of regulatory compliance by legal entities, must meet ethical and technical requirements unavoidable.” Arturo Ventura.

Specialist in Criminal Law, he combines his extensive experience as a researcher and university professor with his activity as a lawyer of counsel, with orientation towards corporate counseling, particularly in crime prevention in the business field.

Arturo participates for years as speaker in courses and seminaries, national and foreign, and is the author of several works, among which are those oriented to study the phenomenon of corruption in business. Since 2010, it has actively participated in the implementation of compliance programs, with special emphasis on protocols for avoiding criminal risks.

Fernando Marqués, Senior Consultant Legal Compliance

Fernando Marqués

Senior Consultant

“Business ethics, transparency, good corporate governance, regulatory compliance, are not mere means of avoiding sanctions or empty concepts of economic significance, but translate into benefits for the profit and loss account.” Fernando Marqués.

Lawyer in practice since 1986 and with 23 years of experience as a lawyer in the Internal Legal Counsel of a banking entity, during the last 7 years Has held positions as Director of Legal Advising and Regulatory Compliance and Secretary of the Board of Directors and Audit Committee , Risks and Compliance. He has also been responsible to the SEPBLAC and President of the Internal Control Body (OIC) on the prevention of money laundering.

Fernando has held the position of Director and Secretary of the Board in different companies, both domestic and foreign.

From his different responsibilities, he has actively participated in the implementation of cultures of regulatory compliance and good governance, in drafting and development of manuals, policies and procedures for the prevention of money laundering and risk management and codes of conduct, as well as in the Implementation of regulatory regulations of financial institutions.

He specializes in international trade and business development in risk jurisdictions.

In addition, Fernando is professor of international contracts in the postgraduate MBA and MDCI masters of ESIC Business School. He also teaches training programs at the School of Legal Practice of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Fernando Herce, Senior Consultant Legal Compliance

Fernando Herce

Senior Consultant

“Honeste vivere, alterum non laedere suum quique tribuere”. Ulpiano.

Counselor of companies from diverse sectors and environments: financial, industrial, venture capital, he has devoted much of his professional life to advising and coordinating investment operations, corporate control or restructuring, IPOs and structural modifications. Expert lawyer in restructuring processes, negotiation of refinancing agreements and insolvency proceedings.

His extensive management experience, as general manager of private equity companies with multiple investees, has allowed him to develop a great analytical capacity on Corporate Governance plans in relation to the administrative bodies of mercantile companies. In the academic field he has a degree in Law, Universidad San Pablo CEU in Madrid; Higher International Studies, IAEI, Madrid.

Ángel Rivas, Managing Partner Legal Compliance

Ángel Rivas

Managing Partner

“… risk yes, but after knowing and assessing the risks.” Ángel Rivas.

He has a degree in Law and a Master’s degree in Corporate Legal Counseling from the Instituto de Empresa, his extensive professional experience as an expert lawyer in commercial and tax law and secretary of several boards of directors, brings together a deep knowledge of the functioning of the administrative bodies of the companies. Companies and on the mechanisms of their involvement in good corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.

Angel is a regular contributor to various discussion forums and legal and business environments, and an expert in family wealth management, Angel maintains a high vocation for work and commitment to all aspects related to social responsibility, business ethics and transparency In organizations.


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